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[ADOPTED] Miley needs a loving home!

MileyMiley is a sweet 9 year old Bichon saved from a life of almost constant breeding thanks to St. Louis Senior Dog Project. She is a little shy with humans but LOVES other dogs and loves to play with large or small ones. Miley has spent her life so far producing puppies and is so happy to be playing and running instead. She is just precious! She is doing well on house training and uses the dog door.  St. Louis Senior Dog Project gives her a 90%, which is great considering two weeks ago she was at 0%.  Miley is spayed, micro chipped, heart worm tested, all shots up to date for the year and a full cleaning of her teeth, known as a “dental.” A dog that has lived such a miserable life show their gratitude 10 fold once they realize they have been saved and can trust humans again.  She is ready and she cannot wait to become your best friend!  She is one of the happiest dogs we have ever met!  Her fee is $195.00.

For more info on the Senior Dog Project, contact St. Louis Senior Dog Project or visit them on Facebook.