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Roma is a shy dog who needs a great home!

Meet “Roma” at the O’Fallon PetSmart on Hwy K this Saturday, May 10, from 10 am to 3 pm.

RomaRoma is 8 years old and came from a breeder, she has been in foster care for 2 months.  She came to us filthy and matted, we immediately had to take her to the vet where we discovered she had a urinary tract infection, an ear infection and several rotting teeth.  Getting her cleaned up was only half the battle.  She was very fearful of humans, she hid in a corner for several days and would not come out.  She slowly became accustomed to all the new sights and smells around her and would venture a peek out.  Eventually she came out of the corner and let me pick her up.  She is now adjusting to life with humans.  She has learned her name, probably the first name she has ever had.  She still tries to hide and hug the floor when she is in new situations or around new people.  Because of her past experiences she can never be crated again and does not like men in close proximity to her.  This little girl has had a very bad life but now she has a new start.  She is starting to learn how to act like a dog.  She loves being outside and laying in the sun, especially if there is a treat involved.  Most of all she loves sitting on a lap and lots of praise.  She has a great personality and is just waiting to reward someone with her love and loyalty.