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[Adopted] Kolten is an amber-eyed cutie that will steal your heart!


Meet “Kolton” at the Edwardsville Crossing Petco Saturday from 11-3:30!

Meet “Kolton,” a 2 year old male Border Collie/Husky/Lab mix.  His beautiful amber colored eyes will steal your heart!  He knows his manners and greets everyone with a paw shake.  He enjoys walks in the park, rides in the car and belly rubs. He loves kids and adults and also enjoys the company of other dogs.

Kolton is house trained, leash trained, crate trained and has good house manners.  He is an awesome dog that through no fault of his own found himself at animal control facing death.  He was literally 15 minutes away from getting his lethal injection!  Saved by HOPE RESCUES of Alton, luckily he is now getting the chance he has always deserved to find his “true” meant to be family in the HOPE RESCUES adoption program.

Black dogs are the hardest to get adopted, most often passed over at shelters. They may not have the cute round patch over their eye or speckled with spots but they are as loveable as any other dog.  Yes, they’re plain looking but that won’t make you love them any less.  Give Kolton five minutes of your time and you will fall for this handsome fella.