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Gettin’ Ziggy With It!

Ziggy-OptimizedZiggy is a four year old American Staffordshire Terrier mix.  He weighs 65 pounds.  Ziggy was born deaf, and was turned in to a shelter when he was just a puppy.  Ziggy has been in foster care for his entire life, and would love to find a family of his own.  Ziggy is very smart, and has earned his Canine Good Citizen certification.  He knows over twenty hand signs, and has won several awards for the tricks he knows.  So why hasn’t Ziggy been adopted?  Because in spite of his many skills and accomplishments, Ziggy has a problem.  He is a dog with a one-track mind – FOOD.  He thinks of nothing but food, and will do absolutely anything if it might get him food.  He also doesn’t like to share his food.  So Ziggy needs a home with food – and one where he doesn’t have to worry about other dogs or cats or kids stealing his food.  A single adult or couple with no children and no other pets would be ideal.  Ziggy loves to do tricks, and will gladly work hard to impress your friends!  He knows many tricks such as spin, jump, bark on command, and even how to pray.  He is crate trained and house-trained.   Find more videos and pictures on his website and Facebook page.

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