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Top TV bars

1.  Cheers, “Cheers” – Based on the real-life Boston pub The Bull and Finch, Cheers was the centerpiece for the NBC show which ran from 1982 to 1993.

2.  Bada Bing, “The Sopranos” – It was the place Tony and his crew hung out on the HBO show.  The real place is named Satin Dolls.  It had a shrine to James Gandolfini after he died last year.

3.  Kelsey’s Bar, “All in the Family” – When Archie Bunker got up from his famous chair, he’d generally go to Kelsey’s Bar.  He eventually bought the place in the spinoff, “Archie Bunker’s Place.”

4.  Joe’s Emerald City Bar, “Grey’s Anatomy” – The docs headed there after a long shift.  It was right across the street from the Seattle hospital.

5.  The Lobo Lounge, “Roseanne” – It was Roseanne and Dan’s favorite hangout.  She even worked there in season 2.

6.  The Drunken Clam, “Family Guy” – Get your Pawtucket Beer on tap if you’re an animated character living in Quahog.

7.  Moe’s Tavern, “The Simpsons” – Homer doesn’t care, but this bar has NEVER been cleaned, and it’s owner has his office in the female toilet.