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Honestly, who doesn’t like S’mores?


Bring your family and your dog to meet S’mores with Hope Rescues at the Edwardsville Crossing PetCo Saturdays from 11-4!

This is S’mores, a very sweet and loving male Carolina dog who is a little over a year old.  His life was spared the day he was to be destroyed at St. Louis County Animal Control by Hope Rescues. After doing some research on this interesting breed it is apparent that S’mores has all of their positive characteristics:  S’mores definitely loves being part of a family.  He loves loves loves to snuggle and will sleep right next to you all night if allowed on the bed.  He loves being with his humans and he is a very “gentle, social dog, and bonds very well with children, enjoying play and activities with them. He is intelligent and responsive and learns easily and is not destructive.”  S’mores bonded easily with his foster family and would love to be a part of a family that had a yard for him to run in and another dog to play with.