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Rules for hugging at work

If you consider yourself a hugger, it can get you into trouble at work.  Take a look at the 11 rules for hugging at work to make sure you’re doing it right.

1.  You can’t hug someone you supervise unless they’ve lost a loved one or they’re getting married.

2.  If a client initiates a hug, follow through.

3.  Don’t hug someone you’ve had an office affair with.

4.  You can hug your peers, just NOT every day.

5.  Don’t give out fake hugs.

6.  Don’t whisper “you smell good” as you hug them.

7.  Don’t close your eyes while hugging.

8.  It’s OK to announce a hug is coming.

9.  Never hug someone from behind.

10.  Don’t hug in the restroom.

11.  If you’re not sure whether you should hug someone, it’s better not to hug.