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[Arrow] Not even Cupid has an Arrow this adorable!

ArrowThis little guy is Arrow, he was put up for auction by a breeder and we saved him from further breeding and brought him into our rescue.  He is a four and half month old brindle boxer puppy.  Unfortunately, we just discovered that he has Pulmonary Stenosis and he requires surgery to live past two or three years.  We cannot afford to fund his care so we have launched a special fundraiser for him.

Although St. Louis Senior Dog Project specializes in older dogs, as you can see, we bring all kinds of dogs in need into our foster system.  We think Arrow deserves a better hand than he has been dealt.  At auction, if Arrow wasn’t rescued by St. Louis Senior Dog project he likely would have been bought by another breeder just to use him for stud without addressing his medical needs, and the puppy mill/breeder probably would have had him euthanized after a short , lonely 2 or 3 years of life.  Yes, it’s unbelievable and it happens all of the time.  Please help us put an end to the puppy mill/unnecessary breeding cycle.  Adopting Arrow will allow us to save another life and perhaps save another dog from the puppy mill system.