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I, for one, am a HUGE Seahawk fan!

CPP_300x300_Adopted-dogMeet Seahawk!  After coming back from maternity leave, Executive Director of Gateway Pet Guardians, Jamie Case decided it was time to visit St. Clair County Animal Control and save some dogs!  On the visit, standing at the edge of the kennel was a happy, tail-wagging 1 yr old mixed breed with cropped ears.  These weren’t any cropped ears, these were (unfortunately) terribly-cropped ears.  It looked like someone took it upon themselves to crop them.  However, this one year old pup stood proud with his tongue hanging out and put on his best “pick me, pick me” attitude.  How could we resist?  His time was up at animal control and pit bull terrier type dogs (whether they’re actually pit bull or not) and mixes of them, often get a bad rap and don’t end up getting picked.  As a pit bull owner and lover, Jamie picked Seahawk!  We aren’t sure of his previous life but we do know it probably wasn’t the best. After leaving animal control, he immediately went to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  The doctor confirmed, he is one happy and healthy boy!

Jamie and her husband decided he was just the guy for their household!  Seahawk sits patiently around their 10-week old baby, plays hard with their other dogs and snuggles when given the chance.  He loves to run and play in the yard with sticks (or anything else he can chase).  At any given point, you can see him bounding through the house or yard, tongue hanging out and smiling!  He is also a well-behaved boy, potty-trained and doesn’t jump up for affection.  Seahawk is looking for an owner that has other dogs to romp around with, a human to snuggle and exercise with.  Since he is young, Seahawk would like a buddy to run and play with.