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10 frugal ways to say I Love You

1.  Clean the house, or just take on a few of your partner’s chores.  It’ll be appreciated.

2.  Make a heart-shaped breakfast.  Of course, you must include bacon.

3.  Write a love letter.  Include specific things you love about him/her.

4.  Plan a retro night.  Spend an evening doing things that remind you of when you were first dating.

5.  Make a card.  Buying one is nice, but it’s much more touching if you make one yourself.

6.  Plan a scavenger hunt.  Hide love notes around your house.

7.  Put love notes on your calendar.  Let your sweetie discover them.

8.  Prepare their favorite meal or dessert. 

9.  Create a photo album or scrapbook.  Check out the site Shutterfly. 

10.  Give a single flower.  Bouquets are beautiful but a single flower can be so nice, and much less expensive.