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Imo’s responds to Kimmel’s bashing

I’ll watch ANYTHING Jon Hamm is in, so of course I saw the Kimmel Imo’s bashing bit. Thanks for sticking up for peace, love and provel that is Imo’s, Jon! I agree with both of them – sort of. Jimmy is right – Imo’s is not the greatest if you get it delivered. The crispy cracker crust is floppy by the time the delivery arrives and I can’t imagine it being any better after a 3,000 mile trip to LA frozen or not. Jon’s right, it is our weird yet fabulous pizza. However, the only way to get a GREAT Imo’s pizza is to eat at the restaurant. ~Christy
I’mo’s response to the bashing….
“The message from Imo’s is the next time Jimmy is in town we want to extend an invitation for him to come out to our Imo’s test kitchen. We want to prepare all the things we are famous for. So open invitation, Jimmy,” said Dutch Guidici, an Imo’s franchise owner.