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Hire The Edge

An angry Richie Sambora sent Jon Bon Jovi a three word email after Jon suggested he was replaceable – and wasn’t like U2’s The Edge, who isn’t.  Sambora’s email said, “Hire The Edge.”  In the interview, Jon said, “Fortunately for us the same guy who filled in last time was available this time.  Life goes on, so if someone chooses not to be here, unlike if this were, God forbid, The Edge, and he for some reason couldn’t make a U2 show, then it would be very difficult to just step in.” 

A sourse says, “Richie was so p*ssed off and insulted with The Edge comment that he couldn’t bite his tongue any longer.  He sent Jon an email, but Jon didn’t respond.  Jon hasn’t called Richie once since this all began.  It would seem that he does not want the band back together.  There are genuine fears this is the end of Bon Jovi.  It seems Jon won’t budge.”