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Kid Rock Slams JT and Jay Z

Kid Rock has a problem with the ticket prices for the upcoming tour of Justin Timberlake and Jay Z.  He heard a rumor that J & J are considering a $225 price point for their concerts and said, “It’s garbage.  It’s highway robbery.  I don’t care who you are.  I would consider both of them in a circle of friends in the business but I don’t agree with it.” 

Kid Rock recently announced a budget-friendly summer tour with tickets costing only $20.  This includes his show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on August 24th.  He said, “I’m proud that I could walk around with my head held high and look someone in the eye, knowing that I haven’t taken an un-honest dollar from a working man.  I make a lot of money.  I can take a pay cut.