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13 Hottest Baby Names for 2013

According to Parenting & Kids magazine, the following are the hottest baby names of 2013, so far.

1.  Marnie is the top new baby name of the year. 

2.  Christian

3.  Nelly.  Not sure if this is due to our local rap hero or the fact that Kourtney Kardashian calls her baby girl Penelope, Nelly. 

4.  Mavis

5.  Thor.  Aren’t you asking your child to develop a lisp if you name him this?

6.  Severine.  The name of the latest Bond girl.  It means severe.

7.  Bruce

8.  Wilder.  As in Van Wilder, I assume.

9.  Phaedra.  Really?

10.  Linnea.  REALLY?

11.  Finnegan

12.  Mingus.  This may by inspired by the jazz virtuoso, but it sounds too much like Dingus.

13.  Marlowe.  Sienna Miller named her kid Marlowe.