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Who is the Biggest Irritant?

Who are the biggest social media irritants?  According to a recent survey, the #1 offender is the diet and exercise boaster.  You know this person.  They post a picture of their treadmill with the caption, “After 3 miles at an incline of 4 I’m having a spinach shake.  I’ve lost 2 pounds in a week!”  I don’t care. 

Here’s the rest of the survey’s findings:  2.  Those who share every meal.  3.  Cryptic status writers.  4.  Game inviters.  I thought this one would finish higher.  5.  Proud parents.  6.  Oversharers.  7.  Check-inners.  I do this.  8.  Event spammers.  9.  Constant engagers.  10.  Self-promoters.  I do this too.  Sorry.