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Stevie on Christine

Fleetwood Mac is in the process of planning a big tour which will start in April.  All of the members from the Nicks/Buckingham era of the band are on board with the exception of Christine McVie.  She retired from the music business after Fleetwood Mac was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.  McVie was a prolific songwriter but sold the rights to her catelog upon retirement.  Stevie Nicks was asked recently about Christine’s departure, “We all did everything we could do to try to talk her out of it.  But you look in someone’s eyes and you can tell they’re finished.  As Taylor Swift would say, ‘We are never ever getting back together.  Ever.’  That’s what Chris was saying.  But I’d beg, borrow and scrape together $5 million and give it to her in cash if she would come back.  That’s how much I miss her.”