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What Amy Was Doing When She Died

There are new details on the last night Amy Winehouse spent alive.  The 27 year-old spent it drinking alone and watching videos of herself on YouTube.  According to the UK’s Daily Mail, Amy’s live-in security guard testified that she was in a good mood on the night of her death.  He said she had been drinking but didn’t think she was “completely drunk.”  He also said he hadn’t seen her watch videos of herself in quite a while and that she also shared some videos with him.  He left her alone at 2:30am and went back to check on her at 10am.  He found her face-down on the bed, so he assumed she was sleeping.  But he got worried when she hadn’t moved by 3pm so he called for help.  Winehouse was pronounced dead shortly after paramedics arrived at the house.  She died from alcohol poisoning.