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Paging Dr. Christy

Haha!  I wish I had a fraction of the brain power possessed by the amazing doctors in the Heart & Vascular Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.  Why am I in scrubs with my co-workers Bo Matthews of WIL and Randy Karraker of 101 ESPN?  We’re part of the upcoming campaign with the American Heart Association to fight heart disease and prevent the need for you to experience an unplanned tour of the H & V wing.  We had the privilege of being IN THE O.R. witnessing a patient undergoing a major lifesaving operation.  An incredibly sobering opportunity.  Most of these life threatening situations can be avoided.  In the coming months you’ll hear more about what Barnes and the American Heart Association in partnership with 106.5 The Arch are doing to educate and encourage you to be proactive in making minor lifestyle changes that can make a major impact on your health.  Going into the new year, start thinking of what you’re going to do to get you and your family heart healthy.