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Lindsay Loses It

Lindsay Lohan was arrested early yesterday after an altercation in a New York City bar.  I know.  It’s a shocker that it occurred in a bar.  But it started at a Justin Bieber concert which Lohan attended.  The British boy band The Wanted opened the show.  Lindsay was denied access to backstage, so she found (stalked) Max George afterward at the club.  Max is a 24 y-o singer in The Wanted and he was seen chatting with Lindsay.  But then he turned his attention to another woman, and that’s when Lohan lost it.  She supposedly walked up to ANOTHER woman and punched her, even though Max wasn’t talking to her.  The woman who was hit is NYC psychic Tiffany Eve Mitchell.  She apparantly didn’t see the punch coming.  Her husband said the bouncer didn’t want to get involved because it was Lohan, so he called the cops.  She shrieked, “Are you kidding me?  Are you kidding me?” as she was led away in handcuffs by the police.
Have you ever known a mean drunk?  They’re the kind of person who, if sober, you’d introduce to your grandmother.  But after a few drinks they get nasty.  Lindsay sounds like a mean drunk, doesn’t she?