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Who’s Older?

A guy who started his successful career in show business at the Arizona State University radio station turns a year older today.  Jimmy Kimmel DJ’d in Phoenix, Seattle, Tampa and Palm Springs – where he convinced a young Carson Daly to drop out of college to become his intern.  Jimmy began his TV career with small roles on Comedy Central before landing a gig on “Win Ben Stein’s Money.”  He moved on to “The Man Show” before scoring “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC.  By the way, the show started live but is now taped due to too many guests cursing.  Today is also the birthday of Mr Big – the nickname of Chris Noth’s character on “Sex & the City.”  Noth also starred in “The Good Wife” and “Law & Order” and the movies Mr 3000 and Cast Away. 

Who’s older?  Kimmel or Noth??







Noth  58







Kimmel  45