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Who’s Older?

Robert Van Winkle gained the nickname Vanilla Ice by being the only white kid breakdancing on a street in Dallas.  He didn’t care for it but, it stuck.  He dabbled in rap but didn’t get serious about it until he broke his ankle in a motocross race.  “Ice Ice Baby” was actually the B side to his first single “Play that Funky Music.”  A Georgia DJ started playing the B side instead of the A and he got a good response from his audience.  Soon other radio stations hopped on “Ice Ice Baby” and it became a big hit.  Vanilla has never been able to duplicate the success of “Ice Ice Baby” but he’s still trying.  Another rapper celebrates his birthday today.  Adam Horowitz, or Ad-Roc is a vocalist and guitarist in the legendary Beastie Boys.  They’re one of the most successful rap groups of all-time with seven platinum albums to their credit.  They were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year.  Only two other rap groups are in the Rock Hall – Run D.M.C. and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.  Both Vanilla and Ad-Roc are in their 40s.  Who’s older?







Ad-Roc  46







Vanilla  45