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Who’s Older?

No, it’s not Peter Griffin’s birthday.  But his creator turns a year older today.  Seth MacFarlane started in the cartoon business working as an animator and writer for Hanna-Barbera.  He liked his job but he wanted to do edgier humor.  So he pitched “Family Guy” to Fox.  After the success of “King of the Hill” and “The Simpsons”, Fox decided to give Seth $50,000 to develop a pilot.  MacFarlane says he spent 6 months without sleep working on it.  Fox liked the result and “Family Guy” aired its first episode on January 31, 1999.  It has since become a $1-billion franchise and earned Seth several Emmys.  He recently directed Ted, a movie about a talking teddy bear starring Mark Wahlberg.  Today is also the birthday of singer/songwriter Natalie Merchant.  She joined 10,000 Maniacs in 1981 while still a student at Jamestown Community College.  Merchant remained the band’s singer and lyricist for 7 studio albums, but left in 1993 to go solo.  When she left the band became 9,999 Maniacs.  Who’s older?  Seth or Natalie??







Natalie  49







Seth  39