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Who’s Older?

British actress Naomi Watts’ most famous role is probably Ann Darrow in 2005’s King Kong.  But she’s also starred in Mulholland Drive, The Ring and 21 Grams.  Naomi’s father was Pink Floyd’s road manager and his crazy laugh can be heard on “Brain Damage.”  She lives with American actor Liev Schreiber.  Today is also the birthday of Moon Unit Zappa.  She’s the daughter of Frank Zappa and prefers to be known as simply Moon Zappa.  She and her dad had a hit in 1982 with “Valley Girl.”  Moon worked as a VH1 VJ in the 90s and is married to Matchbox Twenty drummer Paul Doucette.  However, she filed for divorce earlier this year.  Both Watts and Zappa are in their 40s.  Who’s older?







Zappa  45







Watts  44