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Who’s Older?

You can’t stay a teen queen forever.  Happy birthday to the lady who made wearing ultra-tight jeans and two Swatch watches cool – Debbie Gibson.  She goes by Deborah now, but as Debbie in 1988 she became the youngest artist to write, produce and perform a #1 song – “Foolish Beat.”  She had another #1 in 1989 with “Lost In Your Eyes.”  When the hits stopped coming, Gibson went on to star on Broadway and in touring musicals.  She competed earlier this year on the 5th season of Celebrity Apprentice.  Today is also the birthday of one of the stars of the Rush Hour movies, Chris Tucker.  In 2006, he negotiated an unheard of $25-million salary to appear in Rush Hour 3.  A 4th Rush Hour film is scheduled to be made in 2014.  Tucker has also starred in The Fifth Element, Friday and Jackie Brown.  He was a close friend of Michael Jackson and has included several MJ songs in his movies.

Both Tucker and Gibson are in their 40s.  Who’s older?







Gibson  42







Tucker  40