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Who’s Older?

Gilly’s smiling because today (8/22) is her birthday!  Kristen Wiig began her stint as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live in 2005.  Her final appearance came in May of this year.  Her most famous character has to be the highly mischievous schoolgirl Gilly.  Since leaving SNL, Wiig hopes to spend more time writing amd starring in movies.  She did both in the very successful Bridesmaids.  She also starred in Date Night and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  The drummer in Matchbox Twenty is also a year older today.  Paul Doucette came up with the name of the band, which had been going by Tabitha’s Secret.  While Matchbox Twenty is on hiatus Paul is working in his new band, The Break and Repair Method with Matt Nathanson.  Doucette is married to Moon Unit Zappa.

Who’s older?  Kristen Wiig or Paul Doucette??







Kristen  39







Paul  40