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Happy Birthday Pete!

Here’s a picture of the world’s greatest bowler with the world’s greatest rapper, and they’re both St Louisans.  Pete Weber probably doesn’t rap, but Nelly is an avid bowler – although he’s not in Pete’s league.  No one is.  Weber is the kingpin of professional bowling.  Born in Florissant as the youngest child of bowling legend, Dick Weber, Pete joined the PBA at the age of 17.  He’s won 36 national titles and 47 regionals, so he’s got lots of trophies.  Don’t ask him for one.  He wants to keep them all.  I’ve checked.  Earlier this year Weber won the U.S. Open for a record fifth time.  At 49, he was also the oldest player to win the Open.

Today (8/21) Pete turns the big 5-0, but don’t look for him to retire anytime soon.  The fire is still there to compete, and to win.  The next time you’re in The Loop, check out the St Louis Walk of Fame.  In the 66-hundred block of Delmar you’ll find a star honoring Pete’s dad.  When he gets his own star, Pete may think about hanging up his shoes.  But don’t bet on it!  For more on this St Louis living legend check out the current issue of St Louis magazine.