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The food stealer…

My dog Joey, the cutest little Boston Terrier ever, is quite the tiny little sneak.  He’s a little guy but has no fear when it comes to sneaking bites from the other dog’s food bowls.  He was a puppy mill rescue, so it’s no wonder where he got his “eat or starve” mentality.  But since feeding him Chef Michael’s Food For Dogs, this little issue has gotten worse.  All of the dogs (4) love the mixtures of the dry Chef Micheal’s with the wet food, but he seems to go into lunatic mode at mealtime.  He’s not snarling and showing teeth or anything, but if he thinks one of the other dogs isn’t eating it fast enough,  oh yeah,  he moves in.

Fair warning to anyone that has a dog that may have come from a shelter, or even one that shares mealtime with another canine friend—keep an eye on them.  Chef Micheal’s is more flavorful and packed with real beef or chicken as the primary ingredient.  With a food so different from ordinary dog food, they may think it’s human food.  And you know how nutty they get when they get goodies.

Go to and “Like” Chef Michael’s and download a coupon to use at PetCo, Schnucks or your favorite store.  And sign the “PAWtition” to bring the Chef Michael’s Food for Dogs food truck to STL!  I’m hoping we can get it to stop at Food Truck Fridays at Tower Grove Park, which goes through October.  Help me make it happen!