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Do you love your dog this much….

We all love to spoil our dogs in every way.  Some throw birthday parties complete with doggy cake and ice cream, and some cart their pooches around in strollers.  Yes, it may seem excessive.  Okay it IS excessive.  Dogs would be just as happy with a bowl full of our leftovers as they would a cake.  And don’t get me started on the doggy strollers, dogs are perfectly fine with walking.  It’s what they LIKE to do!  If you like to spoil your dog, and you’re somewhat normal, you most likely use meal time as a way to brighten your dog’s day.  Chef Michael’s Food For Dogs knows you love your dog and the panel of experts at Purina know dogs, and what they love.  Dog behaviorists, veternarians and Purina’s own executive chef, Amanda Hassner came up with a full menu of gourmet creations for your dog, so they too can indulge at dinner time!  I’ve been feeding my dogs Chef Michael’s and have been adding the wet meals to their favorite Chef Michael’s dry food, and it only takes a second before it’s gone.  The Beef Brisket Carvery Creation mixed with the Sirloin Steak Dry Dinner is the one that seems to be the favorite.  Chef Micheal’s is different because not only does it have real beef or chicken as the first ingredients, but the flavors and aromos were created to appeal to a dog’s acute senses.  Aromas that actually appeal to them along with tastes that they would experience as if you just cooked them a steak or roasted chicken!

Gourmet all the way!  Go to, like Chef Michael’s and download a coupon and save a Petco, Schnucks or your favorite pet food retailer!