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Who’s Older?

Today (7/16) is the birthday of one of the funniest men in America.  When Will Ferrell left Saturday Night Live, he starred in one blockbuster after another.  Elf, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and Old School are just a few of Ferrell’s well-known flics, and a new one is bringing him to town tomorrow.  He’ll be at Kiener Plaza at 6p promoting The Candidate.  Co-star Zach Galifiankis will also on hand as Mayor Slay is expected to proclaim it “Will and Zach’ Day in St Louis.  Today is also the birthday of an actor who starred in some big movies from the 80’s – Stand By Me, The Lost Boys and The Goonies to name a few.  Corey Feldman also recently appeared in the A & E reality show The Two Coreys with Corey Haim (who died in 2010 at age 38).

Both Ferrell and Feldman are in their 40’s.  Who’s older?






Ferrell  45







Feldman  41