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In DESPERATE need of a home…

I have a full house of 4 dogs and 3 cats, otherwise I would foster this little guy.  Can you foster him until a forever home can be found?  He’ll be forever grateful.

Mick, a sweet border collie/heeler mix needs a foster home or forever home NOW.
My friend, Lorrie, who is fostering Mick has stage III lymphoma. She just completed her final chemotherapy treatment and has now begun daily radiation treatments which leaves her in pain, completely exhausted and has many, many more months of treatment.
Like me, Lorrie is a HUGE animal advocate and has her hands full. She has 5 dogs and 2 cats in her home right now. Three of the dogs are her own, the other 2 are foster dogs, as well as two children. The secondary issue is 2 of her dogs are aggressive towards Mick and since Mick is submissive he is continually getting attacked, or has to be crated for extensive time in order for her to bring the dogs out at different times so a huge fight doesn’t happen.
With Lorrie’s weakened immune system and the stress this is causing her, her family and Mick, she has to find an alternate home for Mick or seriously consider having him humanely euthanized.
NO, this is not a decision that Lorrie takes lightly. She’s contacted multiple rescue groups and no one has room for Mick. She’s been fostering MICK for over one year and has had many people contact her about Mick but it has never materialized into him finding a home. Either they are looking for a free dog for possibly something unsavory to happen to Mick or they are just curious. Whatever, the case, Lorrie won’t just give Mick away to anyone that shows an interest in him. I told her I would help with any home checks. Lorrie has been diligently trying to find him a good forever home but with her health issues, she can’t continue to foster him.
A little history on Mick. He is about 30 lbs., slim built but very laid-back. He’s about 2 yrs old, neutered, up to date with shots, housebroken, great with other dogs and cats.
Mick is initially shy around new people and would do best with an older child. Mick would need a fenced in yard or someone that would be dedicated to always keeping him leashed when he is outside.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or by phone at 314.638.2704.
Thanks so much!!