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Hi!  It’s Christy, I hope you can join me at the Wentzville PetSmart (Wentzville Pkwy) Saturday June 14th from 2-4.  Bring your dogs and pick up some coupons for Chef Michael’s Food for Dogs!  We’ll also be signing you up to win Chef Michael’s prize baskets along with night out to the Summerland Tour at The Family Arena.  I’ll have my two silly Boston Terriers, Joey and Winston there with me.  You must meet them!  Winston will instantly be your best friend and you’ll just want to pick up Joey and squeeze him, he’s so cute.

They’ve been getting pampered at dinner time with Chef Michael’s for a while now, and will surely be sniffing out those gift baskets!.  I’ll definitely have to keep a close eye on them.  Chef Michael’s is unique compared to other dog foods, because it was created by Purina’s own executive chef!  She knows dogs and knows they have a far better sense of taste and smell than we do.  So why is it that most dog foods have ingredients that are not at all appetizing to your dog?  They are tired of the bitter, sour, tasteless dry dog food.  Give them something with aromas, textures and tastes that will actually satisfy them!  That’s Chef Michael’s!