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For Those Who Spoil Their Dogs

If you’re one of those dog owners that stores an album full pictures of cutsey little poses on your phone, or if you’re dog’s face is the profile picture of your facebook page – I have a question for you.  Are you really spoiling your dog enough?  I’m not talking fancy clothes or the cutest matching leash and collar set you can find, but with the one thing that is most important to your dog – THEIR FOOD.  That’s really how they want you to spoil them, at dinner time!  Purina’s latest genius creation, Chef Michael’s Food for Dogs, is like giving your dog a gourmet meal.  I’ve started feeding it to my dogs, and my Boston Terrier, Joey (who is a very finicky eater) devours Chef Michael’s in seconds.  When he’s done, he gives me the “more please” look.  If you’re not getting that look from your dog, you should be feeding them Chef Michael’s–they’ll love it and they’ll love you!

Go to to get a coupon–just “Like” Chef Michael’s.

Bon Apetite Puppies!