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Who’s Older?

Today (6/5) marks the birthday of the guy formerly known as Marky Mark.  Mark Wahlberg was briefly a member of New Kids on the Block before going solo.  Well, sort of solo.  He scored the hit “Good Vibrations” as part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.  Wahlberg turned to acting in his early 20s and has starred in several great movies including Boogie Nights, The Departed and Three Kings.  He’s married to fashion model Rhea Durham and they have four children.  Today is also the birthday of Mr Carrie Underwood, professional hockey player Mike Fisher.  He’s a center for the Nashville Predators and became the center of attention when he married Carrie Underwood in July, 2010.  Who’s older, Mark or Mike?






Mark  41







Mike 32