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Meet the cutest lottery winners ever!

Colin & Christine Weir just broke Europe’s lottery record by winning the most ever won, 161 Million pounds or $260 Million. They have been married for 30 yeras, have 2 kids, and a 3 bedroom house…for now, until they buy their new mansion I’m sure!

The lady was so cute, she said she was “tickled pink” when she found out and she even had a glass of white wine which she normally only does at Christmas.

These two are from Scottland and they are both have health problems so severe that neither of them can work. Looks like that won’t matter now!

Hopefully the lottery will be a great thing for this couple because they really look like “good people” don’t they”? They make me happy so I wanted to post this because I think their adorableness will make someone else happy too! 🙂

On the U.K.’s Sunday Times Rich list they now rank just under Victoria and David Beckham!

Christine Weir said “this is going to be so much fun”!

You go girl! Have a blast! Life if Grand!