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American Idol Drama

It seems the “American Idol” drama didn’t end after Scotty McCreery was announced as the season ten winner last week. A feud between “Idol” producer Nigel Lythgoe and season nine winner Lee DeWyze heated up off stage and on both men’s Twitter accounts. According to “The Hollywood Reporter,” it began when DeWyze tweeted that he wasn’t asked to perform during last week’s finale, despite an unofficial tradition of bringing the previous winner on stage to perform their latest single. Instead, he says Lythgoe asked him to take part in a new trophy hand-off ceremony Wednesday night, but DeWyze said he didn’t want a “consolation” prize that took away from Scotty’s moment.

For his part, Lythgoe tweeted that he was “so upset” that DeWyze chose not to pass the proverbial “Idol” torch, adding that Lee must have been too “shy.” Lee, however, says he’s anything but shy. But despite the war of words, DeWyze says he had a great time at the finale and is still grateful for what “American Idol” did for him and what the show continues to do for artists looking to be discovered.