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The Cicada invasion brings another invasion….

Yes, the cicada invasion is loud and very annoying, but dangerous? One of the side effects I didn’t realize was what the cicadas attract. Skakes. Copperheads to be exact. They love to eat cicadas and will go wherever they are plentiful, like your yard. Copperheads are poisonous but not life threatening to adults or large animals, they are however a danger to smaller pets and children that may have an allergic reaction.

Missouri Department of Conservation says Copperheads like to hang out around wood and rock piles, unmowed lawns, flower beds, shrubs and usually take cover from the heat in spots like that. They seem to be most active around dusk, the same time the kids and the pets are outside.

Keep an eye on the little ones, four legged and two legged. If you do spot a Copperhead, leave it alone, it is illegal to kill them.