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Wildlife Baby Shower tomorrow!

I love animals! Doesn’t matter what it is, opossums, raccoons, goats, pigs and yes of course dogs and cats. And baby animals? OMG, it wrecks me. Just the other day, I rescued a baby bird and took it to the Wild Bird Rehab in Overland. I’ve rescued countless animals; ducks, birds, opossums, snakes, bunnies, turtles-you name it. If it’s in danger or abandoned or injured I’ll do whatever I can to save it.

This Saturday, Wildlife Rescue Center will be hosting a wildlife “Baby Shower” for all of the new critter babies they have gotten this Spring. The event starts at 10am until 3pm and will be a day of fun for anyone who loves wildlife. Learn more about it here.

Thank God for places like Wildlife Rescue Center in Ballwin, MO. It’s a place where animal crusaders like myself can take these critters to be nursed to health and released back into the wild.