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The “How Do I Look?” experience.

Style Network’s How Do I Look?, is a makeover show about women who have very disorted views of what looks good and what DOES NOT. Most of us have a style that is acceptable to our friends and family, but there are a few exceptions. If you’re already a fan of the show, you’re aware of the drastic transformations that take place. For instance, a woman in her early 30’s that actually hunts for old, ugly prom dresses….and wears them….EVERYDAY. She might even add an extra tutu or some combat boots to complete her “look.” Or the “hoochie mama,” that really is a mama, wearing clothes 5 sized too small, while her extra “assets” spill over the top. Thankfully, these women have people in their life willing to intervene in their fashion nightmare, and How Do I Look? facilitates the dramatic shift from hideous to haute couture.

How Do I Look? graciously flew me and 5 other DJ’s from Baltimore, Philly, Boston, Chicago, and D.C. to Los Angeles over the weekend for our very own fashion lesson. Thankfully none of us showed up in tutu’s and combat boots! We also had the privelage of sitting in on a taping of one of the dramatic reveals, and let me tell you, they had to convince me it was the same woman.

Even if you’re not a fashion nightmare, the show will inspire you to be more daring and willing to take a fashion risk for the better. The show doesn’t just put a woman in a pretty dress and change her hairstyle, but changes her from the inside out. How Do I Look? may not change you overnight, but after watching the show more and more, you’ll undoubtedly become more consious of the fact that how you feel on the inside is directly related to how you present yourself everyday.

Watch How Do I Look? Saturdays at 7 and 10pm central time.