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Your dog needs a buddy. Why? Read on…

There really is never a bad time to adopt a pup, but now is a great time! Stray Rescue of St. Louis is offering a great adoption deal through June 20th. “Spring to Adopt” is an effort to put more dogs in loving homes at 50% of the normal cost.

If you already have a dog, great! But your buddy needs a buddy! Dogs are better in pairs, in my opinion. They keep each other occupied and entertained but more importantly dogs are pack animals and crave the companionship of other dogs. Why do you think they get so excited when they see each other?

I’ve got 4, myself. Yes, I said 4. A Pug named Ling, a Beagle named Sophia and 2 Boston Terriers; Joey and Winston. All but one, my Puggy Ling were rescues. They’re my main source of laughter-better than any TV show.

Click HERE to learn about Stray Rescue’s “Spring to Adopt.”