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Gas prices are getting close to an all time high, and I don’t want to know how high they’re going to go. I did however, want to find out how I could get the most out of a full tank. Some of these tips I already know, but others were surprising.

The 3 BIG Savers:

1. SLOW DOWN – Keeping your speed close to 55 can save you big. Once you pass the 65 mph mark, your fuel efficiency decreases by as much as 20%, quickly burning your gas. Driving at 55 is the speed your car is most fuel efficient.

2. NO MORE JACKRABBIT STARTS AND STOPS – Slower acceleration cuts fuel use by 14%. Instead of going 0-60 in 10 seconds, try getting there in 15. Big saver.

3. USE YOUR CRUISE – Cruise control keeps your speed steady and prevents you from constantly “surging” the gas pedal.

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