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Snow Makes Certain Things More Beautiful


I was hopeful we wouldn’t see any more snow (at least not during the work week)…I guess I believed Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of an early Spring as in right away…like now.  I can’t wait to get outside!  However, I came across this photo from Missouri Botanical Garden and Explore St. Louis and it reminded me that snow really can make ... Read More »

#SNlisten: If You Like Zit Popping Videos


#SNlisten: Ricki and Spencer react to seeing a giant zit being popped… #SNeighborhoodWatch: See their reactions… Read More »

Best Fish in St. Louis?

It is hard to believe it is already Ash Wednesday! With the cold temps, this is pretty much what me and the Boo are up to right now. However, I do have a mission and I need your help. I am fairly new to the city and I need to know where the best places are to get fish during ... Read More »