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What does your face shape say about you?


Experts say the shape of your face says a lot about your personality.  They say people with a diamond face shape like Taylor Swift enjoy taking control and they want things a certain way.  They are also very detail oriented.  Folks with oval faces like Beyoncé are practical, methodical, and over achievers in their careers.  People with triangle-shaped faces like Kelly ... Read More »

The Mouse Joins The Force

R2D2 and Mickey Mouse

The creative Pistol Shrimp crew has put together a mashup of Disney movies and Star Wars The Force Awakens.  It’s cute and it makes you wonder what if they did include Jasmine in Star Wars?  😉     Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 10/06/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: (Cue The Violins)… Kim Kardashian Says…. ‘Pregnancy Is the Worst Experience of My Life’ Will Smith Is Touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff Next Year . . . and Will Do Another “Bad Boys” Movie Dancing With the Stars’ : Bye Bye Busey BACKSTREET’S BACK – WATCH:  Nick Carter dances to the 1992 hit! Jason Priestley Bashes Tori ... Read More »

RABLOG for Monday, 10/05/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: “Lethal Weapon” is Coming to TV, Along With a new “MacGyver” Series Geena Davis Lands Movie Role as Jon Hamm’s Daughter Hillary Clinton Did “SNL” – WATCH Taylor Swift’s ‘Squad’ Recruits the Entire World in Eerie ‘SNL’ Skit: WATCH Tori Spelling admits summer fling with ‘90210’ co-star (RUMOR)… Ed Sheeran To Officiate Courteney Co’s wedding Twinkle Twinkle ... Read More »

Larry the Cable Guy live


The We’ve Been Thinking Tour featuring Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy opens in Kansas City tomorrow night, and lands at Peabody Opera House for two shows on Friday, October 30th.  To celebrate this bodacious blue collar occasion, Larry the Cable Guy will be doing what he does best in today’s Laughter at 5 After live!  Be sure to check ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 10/02/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: Sandra Bullock adopts a baby girl … a sister for son Louis Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong’s teenage son signed record deal… (Yes, TEENAGE SON) A totally WASTED Sam Smith just wanted McDonalds Taylor Swift jinxed playoffs for some MLB teams Hillary Clinton is Skipping a Human Rights Campaign Dinner to Be on “Saturday Night Live” WATCH-Jennifer ... Read More »