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Old School…School Supplies?

Cassette Tape Backpack

I  recently went shopping to help find all the things needed on a school supply list.  My goodness how things have changed!  The crayons and markers for one thing…it’s really a challenge to find old school/classic colors…washable, scented, neons, brights, pastels packs lined up the shelves but we had to go to two more stores to find the regular old ... Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 08/04/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Are Getting Divorced Someone Took a Picture of Bobbi Kristina Brown in Her Casket and Sold It to the Media Sean Penn, Madonna Dating Again…?? MORE FROM THE SHOW: (TRY THIS!)… Company Holds “No Emails Day” Read More »

Bon Jovi Lyric Promo

Sherry Hat

Bon Jovi released a lyric video for their new song “We Don’t Run.”  It will be part of the album “Burning Bridges” due out August 21st.  It’s going to be a different kind of record release as there will be a two parts to the full album…more new stuff will be released next year.   Read More »

RABLOG for Monday, 08/03/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: “Downton Abbey” final series will premiere on January 3rd. Bobbi Kristina’s funeral had all the drama you expected. Empire State Building lit up with images of endangered species. MORE FROM THE SHOW: Watch this dude surf on a dirt bike (which makes it a water bike instead of a dirt bike, I think). Read More »

Once In A Blue Moon

Sherry Moon Heart

As we say goodbye to July 2015 hopefully you don’t forget to look up into the sky for the Blue Moon.  It isn’t really the color blue but the second full moon in the month of July.  It’s special because it only happens about once every 2.7 years…       Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 07/31/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: Right Here in Saint Louis – Destination America Will Broadcast a Live Exorcism in October Caitlyn Jenner’s Feminine Voice Doesn’t Sound Any Different Fuller House’ Makes A Major Change — And No, It Has Nothing To Do With The Olsens WATCH – 1,000 people sing the Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly Nick Gordon Begs Bobby Brown ... Read More »