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People trust Apple more than the government


Researchers surveyed people all over the world to find out what companies and organizations they trust.  The conclusion is that people would rather give their personal information to a brand than to politicians.  Apple was the most trusted followed by Google and Microsoft.  Facebook finished near the bottom but ahead of the government. Personally, I think the government is behind ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 10/08/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: A Photographer Caught Justin Bieber Naked, and you can see his….ya know… Rick Moranis Turned Down a Cameo in the New “Ghostbusters” Kim Kardashian Lost Her Virginity to Michael Jackson’s Nephew ‘Tito’, at 14 Some People Believe “The Martian” is Based on a True Story Soundgarden and Pearl Jam members team up to create new band Nelly ... Read More »

Can’t afford a babysitter?


You’re not alone.  Childcare now costs more than rent in a majority of states. (including Missouri and Illinois).  With more parents working, demand is way up for nannies and daycare centers.  In fact, demand is up 168% since 1990! Read More »

Paul McCartney had “Say Say Say” Remixed

Production board

It’s hard to believe Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson released “Say Say Say” 30 years ago.  Thought you would enjoy the remix and the new video to go along with as well as the original…   Read More »

The Ricki and Brando Show Podcast #3


Jeane from “The Jim and Jeane Show” on WIL-FM joins Ricki and Brando to talk about her gory Halloween costumes, her fear of sewing and her love of “boyfriend jeans” and they all talk about their favorite Halloween costumes and their LEAST favorite Halloween costumes ever. Plus, Brando coughs a lot. Get the new podcast here. Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 10/07/15


RICKI’S HOLLYWOOD 360: Tom Hanks Found a Girl’s Lost College ID, So He’s Trying to Give It Back Through Social Media Rosie O’Donnell’s Runaway Daughter Chelsea Says Rosie Spends a Lot of Time Smoking Pot and Listening to Madonna “Twilight” Author Switches Genders of Bella and Edward in New Book Kanye West: People who don’t like his sneaker designs are ... Read More »