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Trapeze Anyone?

I know what day it is, but this is legit.  The Flying Trapeze Center operated by Circus Harmony opens for business tonight at Union Station.  The trapeze rig is under the shed near the Hard Rock Café.  The center will offer in-depth trapeze classes for all ages, one-time trial flights and shows by professional trapeze artists. Wednesday through Friday class ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 04/01/15 (No Foolin’)


THE BUZZ: You can now play Pac-Man in your neighborhood. Eat this and die…with a smile. House for sale with updated kitchen, finished basement, new roof, and a ghost that will scratch you and try to push you down the stairs. Meet the new offering from Amazon that could very well be a joke. ARCH E NEWS: The Rolling Stones ... Read More »

Fat Pets

It’s common knowledge that America is an overweight nation.  Now comes word that our pets are too.  A new report has found that 58% of cats are overweight and dogs aren’t far behind at 53%.  The issue is that most pet owners with obese pets think their dog or cat is actually at a healthy weight.  It’s important to ask ... Read More »

RABLOG for Tuesday, 03/31/15


THE BUZZ: Internet trolls bully teen girl but strangers come to her defense in an amazing way. This husky can walk on water. Backpacks that look like cartoons. Not quite sure if you should put your arm around her for the picture?  Use “hover hands“! ARCH E NEWS: THE WIZARD OF OZ will be playing for one night only this ... Read More »

Cheating is good for you

Cheating on your diet could actually be a good thing.  Experts say whey you constantly restrict your eating, your levels of a hormone that both keeps you feeling full and helps rev your metabolism begin to fall.  To help fight this, they say you should cheat on your diet… but only once per week. My advice is to schedule your ... Read More »

RABLOG for Monday, 03/30/15


THE BUZZ: WATCH: SNL “Bambi” remake sketch featuring The Rock. Uranus is visible. This dog is a cry baby. ARCH E NEWS: Rihanna Beat Will Ferrell at the Box Office Listen to a Song from Ben Stiller’s ’80s Garage Band Bill Cosby Has Another Heckler . . . And Two More Accusers Hugh Jackman will play Wolverine… one last time? ... Read More »