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RABLOG for Monday, 01/26/15


THE BUZZ: Fighting Illini waterboy has to suit up and play. Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t believe Bill Belichick either. East Coast on “Mega-Super, Holy Crap, Here It Comes, AAAAAAAHHHHHHH, Storm Mode”. 100 year old pictures found frozen in a block of ice in Antarctica. Monday got y0u down? Just “Shake It Off”, 1988 style. MORE STORIES FROM THE ... Read More »

RABLOG for Friday, 01/23/15


THE BUZZ: Fishermen catch super-rare, ancient shark…then kill it.  Nice work, fellas. Another year of bad lip reading in the books for the NFL. It’s time for the Puppy Bowl XI Pre-Game Show. Little old lady in North Dakota does a critical review of the local McDonald’s.  ARCH E NEWS:  OUCH!!! Watch Will Ferrell Hit a Cheerleader in the Head ... Read More »

Almost Stealing

The Arch Online Auction ends tonight and it’s loaded with deals so good you’ll be tempted to look over your shoulder when placing a bid.  But there is one item that has really caught my attention.  It’s a home entertainment package from The Sound Room with a retail value of almost $6,000, and you could get it for just $1,750!  ... Read More »

RABLOG for Thursday, 01/22/15


The Buzz: You should probably clear out those old texts.  Here’s why. The funny stories behind pet names. (WARNING: Some NSFW language) Turns out, Jessie J can sing really good with her mouth closed. Dude turns his house into a giant ball pit to prank his wife. MORE STORIES FROM THE SHOW: A lady misses her ferry by 5 minutes ... Read More »

Need a Fake Date for Valentine’s Day?

There’s an app for that.  Yes, it seems as if there’s an app for everything.  Now, there’s an app that helps you fake a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  The Invisible Boyfriend or Girlfriend app lets users pay for “believable social proof” that they’re in a relationship.  The app generates everything from photos, to text messages and even actual ... Read More »

RABLOG for Wednesday, 01/21/15


The Buzz 25 gifts for under $25. 7 old video games that are now worth big bucks including one that’s worth $20,000!!! What is one secret your parents can never know? (WARNING: some NSFW answers) Uh, are we supposed to believe that’s a real baby?   Read More »